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whit d.w.morriss at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 13:37:54 UTC 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Raphael Ritz wrote:
>> Martin Aspeli schrieb:
>>> [..]
>>> There is a general developer mis-conception that Plone's not *too 
>>> bad at* but sometimes we all do it: More options == better.
>> Could we maybe return to the issue that triggered this discussion,
>> namely whether or not to bann the smart folder settings from the
>> Plone control panel.
> ;)
>> In my view we should not do this because:
>> 1. removing something that's been around for a while now
>>    just confuses people.
>> 2. In the long run (aka when at some point moving to Zope 3
>>   entirely) there will be no ZMI anymore as we know it today.
>> 3. Smart folders (aka Topics) are special in various ways and
>>    admittedly they are way more complex than the other regular
>>    content types. Simply saying that many people don't need their
>>    UI-configuration options may fall short here because I assume
>>    many sites don't make much use of topics (if at all).
>>    On those sites where they are used heavily I claim these options
>>    are desperatly needed.
>> On a related note: let's not forget that one of the strong points of
>> Zope/Plone has always been the possibility to do many things
>> TTW from a browser. In many real life situations, site admins don't
>> have file system access to the server deploying their site which defeats
>> in my view the current tendency to simply move everything to the
>> file system and then saying: "Oh, well, just provide your own view
>> class/whatever and override the default in your config.zcml."
>> For those site admins this is simply not an option.
>> (And note that I am not talking about TTW *development*,
>> I'm talking about *site configuration*.)
> Maybe the bigger issue is that this control panel is very low level. I 
> don't think it makes much sense to non-programmers, and compared to 
> our other control panels, it's a lot less elegant and feels a lot less 
> usable. Perhaps we can think of some more appropriate metaphors, and a 
> better layout that make these settings more understandable for regular 
> site admins?

but alot things happen in async. if the proposition is "remove to zmi 
until ui treatment is available", I would have to return to our previous 
conversation tangent and start beating my drum again.  When we have 
knobs in limbo, what is our process?



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