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whit d.w.morriss at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 19:54:32 UTC 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> whit wrote:
>> re: zmi. lets talk about being painfully modal. The fact we are 
>> having this conversation seems to indicate a different and wider 
>> issue to me.
> Without wanting to get into an abstract and 
> easy-to-talk-past-each-other discussion, I think you're right. :-)
> A useful metric may be "if it's too complex for real users and thus 
> not good to keep in the control panel, it should be configurable in 
> code".
> "Configurable in code" should not mean "go change config.py", it 
> should mean "override this component or register something else for 
> this interface" if you need to alter behaviour.
> How's that for abstract and easy to misunderstand? :)
sort of? I only half agree if I understand you correctly.

we still have some larger knobs that can't be configured via the FS (or 
are more useful if not): persistent components being the big one I see 
here without thinking too hard.  I also think there is a level of 
complexity between average site admin control panel tasks and fullon fs 

Also, our filesystem configuration story is sort of a mess too with all 
the different zope2 and zope3 "options" (ever tried to explain 
commenting out zcml or adding slugs to someone unfamiliar with zope3? 
does anyone doing core development now know Zconfig?)

this doesn't justify doing more TTW, it just makes "configurable in 
code" harder to sell as reasonable step downward from controlpanel.

As stated before, I think there is a place for some sort of extension of 
the plone.app.controlpanel and maybe making some reasonable linkage so 
if advanced options are available, we have a standard sane way of 
hooking them up and for the appropriate real users to get to them.  My 
prediction is that addon developers can and will do this(it's the path 
of least resistance)...

so we might as well have a good way to handle it.



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