[Framework-Team] The big 3.0 ;)

whit d.w.morriss at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 16:20:22 UTC 2007

or maybe allowing an option that turns on advanced panels(or at least a 
way for addon developer create some sort of navigation to advanced 
options they may add).

re: zmi. lets talk about being painfully modal. The fact we are having 
this conversation seems to indicate a different and wider issue to me.

the argument that we are now using the zmi by design really rings hollow 
for me.  Though I strongly support generalizes ui that works with or 
without plone, I'm not sure designing in any more context switches into 
plone is at all a good idea.  Let's keep people in the application or on 
filesystem, not rummaging though our hot nineties legacy layer.

Context switching has almost always been an unfortunate bump on our 
learning curve for Plone. Just having to explain navigating the zmi 
increase our support burden.  People should design good configuration 
uis, not just stick badly drawn ones in the zmi.

There are options that make more sense in a plone setting even if not 
for the more general day to day site admin tweaks.  addon authors will 
add their own control panel regardless of what we say the right way is, 
so I would vote for giving them a more appropriate place to do this 
(with wicked, I see plenty of fertile options that I'm not at all 
interested in building zmi pages for but are definitely not basic 
configuration options).

we are also moving into a time where control panel style UIs make sense 
at any container level, not just the portal.

with these things in mind, we may need to rethink the application of the 
pattern we use in plone.app.controlpanels so it can be easily reused for 
things like advanced options or container level configuration.  This 
seems like the right direction, rather than claiming the inevitable use 
of better technology as wrong by decree and advocating a return to the 
bonny days of 1999.

long live frames!



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