[Framework-Team] Re: PloneErrorReporting

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Sun Mar 25 10:52:26 UTC 2007


Alec Mitchell wrote:
> On 3/25/07, Hanno Schlichting
> <plone at hannosch.info> wrote:
>> Alexander Limi wrote:
>> > Could we please remove PloneErrorReporting from Plone 3.0?
>> +1, as the current official maintainer I took the liberty to remove it
>> from the release and the bundle. One stupid thing less to take care of :)
> I thought you were the one that added it to 2.5 on the grounds that it
> had been in some past releases.  I think getting rid of it is a fine
> idea.

As far as I can remember I only added it to the products bundle and
fixed it because it had been in the dist_plone scripts and thus the
releases forever. I just looked at the independent.py scripts and it
seems to me that we have included it at least since Plone 2.0.0 :)

But it outlived its purpose which was to help people in reporting errors
to our trackers for a long time now.


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