[Framework-Team] Re: The big 3.0 ;)

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Sat Mar 24 21:19:20 UTC 2007

On Sat, 24 Mar 2007 03:04:50 -0700, Geir Bækholt · Plone Solutions  
<baekholt at plonesolutions.com> wrote:

> Yes. of course the :default must be supplied or the checkbox will not be  
> noticed by html.
> I somehow took this for granted and didn't mention it (sorry. my  
> oversight), but i see now in boolean.pt widget template in AT that it is  
> not included.
> Zope has its own built-in form typecast for this:
> <input type="checkbox" name="foobar:boolean" value="True" />
> <input type="hidden" name="foobar:boolean:default" value="" />
> Works for all cases i can find.
> I don't have the 10 minutes i need to actually check it into AT and test  
> that it works TTW right now, but i'll try to get it done tonight unless  
> someone beats me to it.

Old-skool Zope power ;)

Geir just checked in the fix, and it seems to work for everything I was  
able to test.

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

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