[Framework-Team] Re: Re: The big 3.0 ;)

Geir Bækholt · Plone Solutions baekholt at plonesolutions.com
Sat Mar 24 10:04:50 UTC 2007

On 24. mar. 2007, at 00.13, Alec Mitchell wrote:

> It's a fundamental HTML form issue.  No matter what the name of the
> field (e.g. even if it has a ':boolean'), if the checkbox is not
> checked then the input is not included in the request (so the value
> won't be changed).  It may be possible to use a hidden field with a
> False value, so that something is always submitted.  IIRC Zope will
> interpret two fields with the same name as a list of values (even
> without ':list').  So a hidden field that is False and a checkbox that
> is checked will give [False, True] which will evaluate to True in a
> boolean context, but an unchecked checkbox and a hidden False value
> will just give the False value from the hidden field.  If that doesn't
> work, then I think js is the only way to do this without introspecting
> the schema to see what boolean fields may have been missing from the
> form.

Yes. of course the :default must be supplied or the checkbox will not  
be noticed by html.
I somehow took this for granted and didn't mention it (sorry. my  
oversight), but i see now in boolean.pt widget template in AT that it  
is not included.

Zope has its own built-in form typecast for this:

<input type="checkbox" name="foobar:boolean" value="True" />
<input type="hidden" name="foobar:boolean:default" value="" />

Works for all cases i can find.

I don't have the 10 minutes i need to actually check it into AT and  
test that it works TTW right now, but i'll try to get it done tonight  
unless someone beats me to it.


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