[Framework-Team] Re: The big 3.0 ;)

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Fri Mar 23 19:36:40 UTC 2007

Alexander Limi wrote:

>>> Just the wording for the message that needs to show up if you are
>>> trying to set Sharing privileges for the default view of a folder. It
>>> doesn't exist at the moment (the entire Sharing page seems broken for
>>> some reason at the moment, I get a KSS spinner, but nothing happens).
>> Gah. :)
> "Gah" sums up my current frustration with Plone being close to unusable  
> because of some architecture decision/change in CMF/KSS that I don't  
> understand. ;)

More like simultaneous moving parts moving in opposite directions and 
causing things to break in the middle.

/me conjers up a diagram in his mind

This needs to be fixed. Unfortunately, I don't have enough spare time 
right now to do much about it, mostly because I stacked a lot of my 
"Plone spare time" into the pre-beta period and now I'm behind on other 
things that need urgent attention.

What's everyone else's excuse? :-)


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