[Framework-Team] Re: The big 3.0 ;)

Daniel Nouri daniel.nouri at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 12:00:45 UTC 2007


Alexander Limi wrote:
>     - Archetypes
>         - After we removed JS from checkboxes, they no longer "stick"
>           (really!). Might have to put that back, even though it sucks
>         - There's something strange going on with enabling comments, it
>           only works on the initial view of the page after saving,
>           possibly related

Who removed JS from checkboxes when?

>         - Can the old-style Add-on products support TITLE.txt to match
>           the new style products' ability to have a "friendly name"?

What does this mean?

>         - Preferrably move the Collections (Smart Folder) control panel
>           to a ZMI version, since it is very complex and not something
>           site admins are likely to need

I'd suggest an "advanced" section in the control panel.  I don't like the
idea of moving this back to the ZMI because it's too complex for the typical

Do you want to tell (core) add-on developers to not make use of the niceties
of plone.app.controlpanel because their thing is too complex?



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