[Framework-Team] The big 3.0 ;)

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Fri Mar 23 09:09:28 UTC 2007

On 3/23/07, Martin Aspeli <optilude at gmx.net> wrote:
> The list looks good, though I have a couple of points:

Thanks for the feedback, comments inline:

> >          - Only HTML available as format by default, everything else
> >            assumes knowledge of markup
> >              - But make sure it supports loading existing documents that
> >                are in other formats already
> Also, I'd say that "plain text" makes a bit of sense as being enabled by
> default, for those without kupu-capable browsers.

Yes, it was imprecisely stated — I don't count plain text as "markup". :)

> >          - Both the Navigation and Search control panel does not show
> >            the "Friendly types" list, but uses the full list instead,
> >            should be fixed (user does not know what a ChangeSet or
> >            Relative Path Criterion type is ;)
> We need to be careful with this so that we don't make it impossible to
> support certain configurations, e.g. to be able to list a particular
> content type in the navtree, but not search on it. Also, isn't the list
> of types managed in the Search control panel actually the "friendly
> types" list itself? In that case, you have a chicken-and-egg problem.

Yes, we need to un-nest this somehow, I just left it here so we would
remember to look into it.

IMO, there are certain types that should be blacklisted from all of
these lists (ChangeSet, Criteria, etc) since they are not actually
addable types, but just side effects of the implementation strategy.
If "friendly types" is related to the search blacklisting at all, I
have misunderstood how this works. I didn't think it did. :)

> >          - Don't install the following by default:
> >              - Content Rules
> We talked about this before. This isn't easily possible right now,
> because it's just a registration of a local utility + a control panel,
> which happens during site setup. I'm not sure I care to productize it
> and make it installable/uninstallable when it's an admin-only function
> anyway. Regular users should never see it. If you want to disable the
> management of content rules, you can turn off the appropriate
> permission; it may be useful to have some kind of global "turn off
> content rule execution" switch, though. I don't know where you'd manage
> this from, but if it were somewhere other than the "Content rules"
> controlpanel, then it'd be possible to turn off the CR control panel
> with that switch as well.

Right, also an old note that made it in. A global "enable content
rules" checkbox in the Content Rules panel is more than good enough.

> >          - Preferrably move the Collections (Smart Folder) control panel
> >            to a ZMI version, since it is very complex and not something
> >            site admins are likely to need
> I assume you mean *not* likely to need.

I mean "not something they are likely to need". It's the same. At
least in my brain. ;)

> >          - Only show the Display/Add/WF pulldowns on the View screen
> >              - Possibly remove the border on initial creation forms (ie.
> >                keep the actual green border, but remove everything
> >                clickable on it, since it causes errors)
> +1

I think you're the only one that understands this code at the moment,
so if you could look into this, it would be appreciated.

> >          - "You are adjusting the sharing privileges for a default view, to
> >            adjust them for the entire container, go here."
> ?

Just the wording for the message that needs to show up if you are
trying to set Sharing privileges for the default view of a folder. It
doesn't exist at the moment (the entire Sharing page seems broken for
some reason at the moment, I get a KSS spinner, but nothing happens).

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

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