[Framework-Team] The big 3.0 ;)

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Fri Mar 23 06:43:13 UTC 2007

Hi team,

I'm in the process of entering stuff in the issue tracker this weekend  
(that thing needs a thorough scrubbing, let me tell you ;), and this is  
how my current list looks like.

I'd appreciate feedback, especially on what needs to be resolved before  
beta/RCs. I just wanted you to see the list I currently have, I'll make  
sure all of them are handled in a proper manner (ie. get issues in the  
tracker). Hopefully people at the Sorrento sprint can take a shot at  
fixing these as well.

Time is tight these days, and I just recovered from a fever/cold, but I'd  
rather overcommunicate than be too silent. No panicking about the list. ;)

Fix before beta:

     - KSS vs. CMF errors
     - Kupu doesn't work either at the moment, probably related to the
       KSS/CMF issue

Fix before RCs:

     - KSS:
         - Reduce file size, it's currently way too heavy
         - Get a basic UI on ÜberSelectionWidget

     - Archetypes
         - After we removed JS from checkboxes, they no longer "stick"
           (really!). Might have to put that back, even though it sucks
         - There's something strange going on with enabling comments, it
           only works on the initial view of the page after saving,
           possibly related

     - NuPlone theme
         - Be complete and functional by RCs, tested in IE6 too
         - Be the default in RCs if the above is the case ;)

     - Kupu
         - Make sure the control panel removes stuff that is no longer
           relevant with the HTML Filtering control panel
         - Make sure you can't insert images that are bigger than
           Preview size by default
         - Include additional default styles (highlight, table

     - Wicked
         - Needs to use createObject?type_name=Document — the way it is
           set up now, anything spidering the site with credentials will
           create objects, and any object clicked will create objects
           (this change will make it invoke portal_factory)
         - Support both (()) and [[]] syntax by default, so we can
           remove this preference from the control panel (exclusively
           using either is still supported behind the scenes, of course
           — just not in the standard control panel)
         - Wiki control panel can be removed, only needs wiki syntax
           on/off switch in the control panel

     - Fieldsets
         - Do we still support fieldsets that require something on
           fieldset #1 to be filled out before you can access fieldset
         - Next button shows up in the Save/Cancel area when using the
           inline fieldsets?
         - Fieldset code: if more than N (N=6?) fieldsets, turn into

     - Sensible defaults:
         - Make sure the WFs are sensible and default WF decided
         - Members folder gets created even though it's turned off?
         - Only HTML available as format by default, everything else
           assumes knowledge of markup
             - But make sure it supports loading existing documents that
               are in other formats already
         - Enable wiki support by default on most types? it's unlikely
           to trigger accidentally anyway
         - Both the Navigation and Search control panel does not show
           the "Friendly types" list, but uses the full list instead,
           should be fixed (user does not know what a ChangeSet or
           Relative Path Criterion type is ;)
         - Remove personal prefs from the global prefs section
         - Don't install the following by default:
             - Content Rules
         - Can the old-style Add-on products support TITLE.txt to match
           the new style products' ability to have a "friendly name"?
         - Preferrably move the Collections (Smart Folder) control panel
           to a ZMI version, since it is very complex and not something
           site admins are likely to need
         - Put back autofocus behaviour now that we have ondomload (make
           sure tabindex is correct)
         - Move sendto/print/whatever to bottom of page, use text
         - Combine delete confirmation page with integrity checking
           (having to say yes/no on two separate pages sucks :)
         - Only show the Display/Add/WF pulldowns on the View screen
             - Possibly remove the border on initial creation forms (ie.
               keep the actual green border, but remove everything
               clickable on it, since it causes errors)

     - Other
         - Get rid of all the deprecation warnings in the core
         - Why is Members folder showing up even if that is disabled by
           default now?
         - Is there any way to get formlib to support our
           checkbox-before-label UI policy? (see control panels for  
         - Users seem to be listed twice in the control panel
         - "You are adjusting the sharing privileges for a default view, to
           adjust them for the entire container, go here."
         - It looks like you can reorder items in Large Folders, which you
         - WF history and versioning history should be shown in the same
         - We need a way to ping us (image with some info about OS, version
           etc) when you install Plone — checkbox on install screen
         - Fix up Table-of-Contents styling
         - Fix up presentation mode styling
         - Search: "only in this section" checkbox

- Fix in 3.0.x releases
     - Incremental KSS UI improvements, examples:
         - Login should be in-place (digg.com for an example)
         - Adding comments should give you a textfield inline
         - etc...

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

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