[Framework-Team] plone products leaders (v2)

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Thu Mar 22 19:42:34 UTC 2007


Tom Lazar wrote:
> On Mar 17, 2007, at 8:35 AM, Thierry Benita wrote:
>> What do you think of this idea ? Do you think that it is
>> possible/affordable ?
> + 100 and thanks for the nice writeup, i think this initiative comes at
> a very good time, because on the one hand we definitely need to lighten
> the load of responsibility that currently is divided among the very few
> shoulders of our 'rock stars'.

Personally I would love to divide some of the load on more shoulders.
Especially mine are getting busier with other responsibilities and I
want to avoid to become a bottleneck...

> take hanno's `statusmessages` product for instance, a super small
> product all in itself. just yesterday i found a bug in it and given the
> fact, that the entire functionality is just a few lines of (isoltaed)
> code i was (surprisingly) easily able to come up with a patch.
> however, now that i'm fairly familiar with this product's inner workings
> i already would feel confident taking over maintainership of it, while
> hannosch still remains 'mentor' of it.

Consider yourself the new official maintainer of it ;) I'll do one last
release tomorrow so you start with a clean state :)

> so, perhaps, to ease the transition the current de facto maintainer of a
> package could offer 'mentorship' (i.e. provide support for the
> maintainer, as opposed to everybody).

I'm willing to do that for all the packages I'm currently maintaining.
There are some where I don't understand enough about the inner workings
to mentor anybody though, but I shouldn't maintain those in the first
place... one example being ATReferenceBrowserWidget which constantly
breaks due to the sheer amount of configuration options in conjunction
with exactly zero tests.


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