[Framework-Team] plone products leaders (v2)

Tom Lazar lists at tomster.org
Sat Mar 17 11:11:30 UTC 2007

On Mar 17, 2007, at 8:35 AM, Thierry Benita wrote:

> What do you think of this idea ? Do you think that it is
> possible/affordable ?

+ 100 and thanks for the nice writeup, i think this initiative comes  
at a very good time, because on the one hand we definitely need to  
lighten the load of responsibility that currently is divided among  
the very few shoulders of our 'rock stars'.

but on the other hand, plone's embracing of the z3 component  
architecture should actually make that kind of sharing of  
responsibility much easier (and more precise).

take hanno's `statusmessages` product for instance, a super small  
product all in itself. just yesterday i found a bug in it and given  
the fact, that the entire functionality is just a few lines of  
(isoltaed) code i was (surprisingly) easily able to come up with a  

however, as thierry described, i was too shy too directly commit it,  
so i sent the patch to hannosch for his review (still pending, the  
guy does need some sleep, after all! ;-).

however, now that i'm fairly familiar with this product's inner  
workings i already would feel confident taking over maintainership of  
it, while hannosch still remains 'mentor' of it.

so, perhaps, to ease the transition the current de facto maintainer  
of a package could offer 'mentorship' (i.e. provide support for the  
maintainer, as opposed to everybody).

on a practical level, i guess we could just simply start with using  
this mailing list for the process of offering packages up for  
maintenance and applying for them and use the product's READMEs to  
keep track of who's taken over what (perhaps with some standardized  
text format for grep-convenience).

just my EUR 0.02,


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