[Framework-Team] KSS vs. CMF/Z3

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Fri Mar 16 21:50:46 UTC 2007

May I use the red flag? :)

Right now, the problems related to KSS vs. CMF is breaking things that are  
crucial for a beta release. Pretty much everything that is related to KSS  
seems to be broken right now:

- Inline editing doesn't work
- Inline validation on edit forms doesn't work
- Clicking the next/previous links in the calendar doesn't work

All of these fail with "AttributeError: portal_workflow".

In general, I expect things to break now and then in this phase, but the  
problem now is that everyone is essentially saying "it's not my fault (and  
I don't know anything about [KSS|Zope 3|Five|CMF|insert technology here]"  
and/or "Rocky said he'd look at it when he had time".

I understand that it is a complex problem, and that it's really nobody's  
fault as such — just an unfortunate and unintended side effect of updating  
the CMF infrastructure — which is why we need to pull in the same  
direction on this.

Is there any way that we can get some of the stakeholders together and try  
attacking the problem from the various fronts at the same time? KSS, Five,  
CMF, who else is needed?

Needless to say, we can't ship a beta the way it looks now. And I still  
haven't really seen a proper explanation of the problem that makes it  
clear what our options are.

Sorry for being so confused about this, I just want to make something  
happen that can remedy this situation. :)

Alexander Limi · http://limi.net

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