[Framework-Team] Re: suggestion for central place to import tool interfaces from

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Mon Mar 12 10:15:35 UTC 2007

On Mar 11, 2007, at 7:20 AM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi Andreas,

hi martin,

i thought you're on vacation? :)

>> while a) should be relatively easy to fix (my only question in  
>> this  regard would be if it's okay to just add missing tools to   
>> `componentregistry.xml` at this point?)
> We also need an interface.

but don't we already have `IGroupTool` from  
`Products.PlonePAS.interfaces.group`?  hmm, i guess i probably just  
don't get what you mean atm... :)

> There are a lot of gray areas here (e.g the placeful workflow tool,  
> the lesser-used tools from CMFEditions), and it doesn't solve the  
> problem for third party products.

yes, of course, but what i meant was to have a central place to  
import from for all the portal tools used or rather provided by  
plone.  that is everything that shows up in a fresh plone instance,  
not anything 3rd party.

> Certainly, I don't think we should further explode the  
> CMFPlone.interfaces namespace.

i agree, and i guess i shouldn't have sorta suggested  
`CMFPlone.interfaces` first and then said "maybe  
`CMFPlone.interfaces.tools` would be better" in my mail, but straight  
away went for the latter.  that was probably too far towards the end  
of another mail gotten too long... ;)

> Perhaps we could have some kind of "helper imports" module  
> somewhere else, but I can't really think of where.

well, maybe to clear this up again:  that's what i was looking for... :)

> The good news is that most CMF tools are in  
> Products.CMFCore.interfaces; the other ones are more specific, like  
> some of the i18n tools. I think we ought to think closely about the  
> interfaces in PlonePAS, though.

right.  i suppose i accidentally picked the worst one with respect to  
the not too long ago move to plonepas, but like i said, not knowing  
too many details about that it really took a while to be halfway  
confident to use the interface i actually wanted with `getUtility`.   
and i just suspected others would run into the same "problem"...

cheers (& have a nice vacation),


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