[Framework-Team] Re: suggestion for central place to import tool interfaces from

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Mar 11 06:20:12 UTC 2007

Hi Andreas,

> while a) should be relatively easy to fix (my only question in this  
> regard would be if it's okay to just add missing tools to  
> `componentregistry.xml` at this point?)

We also need an interface.

> i'd like make a suggestion  
> for b):  how about importing all relevant interfaces into  
> `CMFPlone.interfaces` so it'd be possible to always import all  
> interfaces used to look up tools via `getUtitlity()` from there, no  
> matter where they're originally from?


We can't import everything into a single namespace. There are a lot of 
gray areas here (e.g the placeful workflow tool, the lesser-used tools 
from CMFEditions), and it doesn't solve the problem for third party 

Certainly, I don't think we should further explode the 
CMFPlone.interfaces namespace. Perhaps we could have some kind of 
"helper imports" module somewhere else, but I can't really think of where.

The good news is that most CMF tools are in Products.CMFCore.interfaces; 
the other ones are more specific, like some of the i18n tools. I think 
we ought to think closely about the interfaces in PlonePAS, though.


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