[Framework-Team] beta1 release timing

Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Fri Mar 9 08:06:18 UTC 2007

Wichert Akkerman schrieb:
> [..]
> The last one is a decision that we need to make.
> It will take a couple of days for this to settle down, I'm leaving for a
> week of snowboarding tomorrow evening, so here is my proposal: we delay
> the beta a bit further to Monday, March 19. At that point I'll make a
> decision on deprecating or undeprecating getToolByName and make a
> release based on whatever product and package releases exist at that
> time.
For completness sake, here is my opinion:

1. don't deprecate 'getToolByName' for now. Although we should try
hard to not use it in Plone/Archetypes anymore from now on way too
much third-party code depends on it and we should give people some
time to adopt the new way before fludding to logs with unhelpfull

2. I have no problem with delaying the beta until March 19th.


> It's a shame we have to postpone the beta further, but the CMF changes
> require some important change in our codebase that need to be finished.
> Wichert.

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