[Framework-Team] Re: beta1 release timing

whit d.w.morriss at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 23:02:01 UTC 2007

>  - Consider some kind of compitability alias mechanism, so that when 
> people keep using getToolByName(context, 'portal_types') we translate 
> that to getUtility(ITypesTool), for as long as we need to (but still 
> warning).
+1... I mean chrissakes.. getToolByName was supposed to be future 
proofing for this day...
> Removing in 3.5 sounds completely unrealistic to me. If we find that 
> by 4.0 most third party products that count (i.e. would be otherwise 
> compatible) have been fixed, we can consider removal.
+100.... and someone should blog or write a tutorial about these changes 
and how to utilize them.



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