[Framework-Team] Effects of the tools-as-utilities branch

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed Mar 7 21:57:53 UTC 2007

Hi guys,

I believe Jens merged, and we now have some interesting side-effects...

  - Until a few moments ago, we couldn't create or delete a Plone site 
TTW, because it's trying to look up getUtility(ISite) without a context 
(in the creation case) or after the site's gone (in the delete case).

I fixed it, but I'm not sure my fixes are ideal: 
http://dev.plone.org/plone/changeset/13599 and 

  - All our action icons are gone. The control panel is no longer so pretty.

  - I have a few test failures. At least a few of them seem related to 

  - By jebus, there are a lot of deprecation warnings now! Log output 
during testing is pretty much useless, and it's hard to see failures. 
Log files also grow very quickly in use.

I am all for people moving to getUtility(), and I think we should be 
able to squash these in Plone. But, bear in mind that a lot of third 
party products will keep on using getToolByName() for a while, and we 
don't want people's log files to explode, or the rash of messages to 
hide other, less repetitive messages.

I think we should strongly consider either patching or lobbying for 
getToolByName() to not log the same error (e.g. from the same tool) more 
than once by default.

I'm very glad this branch is in - before the beta - but I don't exactly 
feel like we're much closer to beta at this point. :-) Hopefully, there 
are just a few strategic places that have to be changed, and Hanno's 
already started doing some great work on this. I'm going to bail, 
unfortunately, since I'm on holiday with uncertain internet until the 
21st starting Friday, but, you know. :p


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