[Framework-Team] Inline editing

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Fri Mar 2 23:49:01 UTC 2007

Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> I haven't tried the new behaviour yet, so I haven't made up my mind, but 
> there *was* discussion about this among the KSS people, Limi and others 
> nearby in Baarn. At the time, it sounded like a good idea at least, 
> re-using the UI from Google Calendar, Flickr and other sites with 
> similar needs. It was even in Alex' opening presentation. :)

I missed that one :)

I think any approach needs to allow for common behaviour from people:

- select text so you can copy & paste it
- double-click on text so you can copy & paste it on word-boundaries
- tripple-click on text so you can copy & paste it on line-boundaries
- select text as a reading aid to keep track of what you are currently
  reading or have just read

it seems I was wrong when I said inline-edit was triggered by selection.
However I frequently miss-drag when I select something (especially on
laptops) and that turns my select into a click followed the actual
select. I suspect other people will suffer from the same.

Perhaps we can make the trigger configurable? Using shift-click as a
trigger would be perfect for me. You could even make the current hover
styling show a little popup which says 'shift-click to edit'.


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