[Framework-Team] Re: Inline editing

Reinout van Rees reinoutvanrees at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 15:35:37 UTC 2007

On Mar 2, 4:16 pm, "Florian Schulze" <florian.schu... at gmx.net> wrote:
> Very recently the inline editing was switched from double clicking to
> single clicking. IMO this is the worst change in the UI I saw till now. I
> understand the reasoning by Limi. If the mouse hovers the editable element
> looks (more or less) like a text box and when you click into it it should
> be made editable. This follows user expectations and is perfectly valid
> for the places it's used in Google Calendar. For content pages like in
> Plone this is very bad IMO. And I guess Geir agrees with me here (he
> constantly clicks around and selects text while reading :) ). I think we
> should either limit the inline editablility to certain fields (exclude
> RichTextFields for example) or do the invokation differently. I proposed
> to use an icon in a corner of the editable part, but Limi is right in that
> he says it's a too small area to click onto and not obvious what it may
> mean.

My first reaction when I tested plone 3.0 a few weeks ago (which was
supposed to be inline-editable) was to hover a bit over the title and
to single-click on it, just like I was used to do in flickr. No luck,
I had to double-click. I remember thinking "I hope that they turn it
into single-click".


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