[Framework-Team] Inline editing

Florian Schulze florian.schulze at gmx.net
Fri Mar 2 15:16:29 UTC 2007


First things first, this isn't against inline editing in general, so relax  
Godefroid and Balasz :)

This is against the UI decision made by Limi which I already discussed  
with him.

Very recently the inline editing was switched from double clicking to  
single clicking. IMO this is the worst change in the UI I saw till now. I  
understand the reasoning by Limi. If the mouse hovers the editable element  
looks (more or less) like a text box and when you click into it it should  
be made editable. This follows user expectations and is perfectly valid  
for the places it's used in Google Calendar. For content pages like in  
Plone this is very bad IMO. And I guess Geir agrees with me here (he  
constantly clicks around and selects text while reading :) ). I think we  
should either limit the inline editablility to certain fields (exclude  
RichTextFields for example) or do the invokation differently. I proposed  
to use an icon in a corner of the editable part, but Limi is right in that  
he says it's a too small area to click onto and not obvious what it may  

I would really like opinions on this.

Florian Schulze

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