[Framework-Team] Re: The big 3.0 ;)

Geir Bækholt · Plone Solutions baekholt at plonesolutions.com
Wed Apr 4 09:23:50 UTC 2007

On 4. apr. 2007, at 09.09, Alexander Limi wrote:

>> 3.0.x minor are for bug and security fixes, not feature changes.
> So in 9 months, we can add comments without reloading the page,

It is worth noting, though, that one theory to why there is a long  
span between releases is that people keep putting new stuff into the  
release last-minute instead of just starting a branch and completing  
the feature regardless of when in the cycle we are.

I have noted there is some interest in a new discussion about the  
release process (like: 'when did we decide to not follow the official  
time-based releases we decided on after-all? - and is the current way  
the better way?').
I have met all such requests with "let's first get 3.0 done, so we  
don't interfere and mix discussions of particular features and  
development with the discussion of the process itself.

Anyway, in my opinion, we should schedule this discussion for soon  
after the release of 3.0.


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