[Framework-Team] NuPlone and Plone 3.0

Alec Mitchell apm13 at columbia.edu
Tue Apr 3 15:41:17 UTC 2007

Franco Carinato, and to a lesser extent Rosario Di Somma, looked at it
a bit during the sprint.  I'm not sure how feasible it would be for
them to help get it into a usable state in the near future though.  We
really missed spliter at the sprint.


On 4/3/07, Wichert Akkerman <wichert at wiggy.net> wrote:
> I'm wearing my release manager hat today and was looking at NuPlone. At
> the moment there are still a lot things that do not work or look bad in
> NuPlone (IE support, form styling and control panel styling are easy to
> find examples). That means that it is currently not in a state where I
> want it to even ship with Plone 3.
> So, what can we do about it? From what I gather:
> - Cornelis does not have the time to work on NuPlone, but does not mind
>  if others work on it. He does want to be consulted for any stylistic
>  changes.
> - Denis is willing to work on IE support for it
> - Danny has a made a fair number of improvements on the Informaat
>  NuPlone-based intranet design, which might be mergable into NuPlone
>  directly. But he has no time to work on that.
> This does not make me very optimistic for NuPlone's chances of staying
> in. Unless something magic happens quickly I think we need to take it
> out of the bundle and reconsider it for inclusion in Plone 3.5.
> Wichert.
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