[Framework-Team] The big 3.0 ;)

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Tue Apr 3 10:45:56 UTC 2007

some comments on this list, based on current status.

Previously Alexander Limi wrote:
> Fix before RCs:
>     - KSS:
>         - Reduce file size, it's currently way too heavy

I'll make a seperate post on that.

>         - Get a basic UI on ÜberSelectionWidget

It has a basic UI, just no ajax interface. Nobody appears to be doing
that either, so we're going to have to postpone that until 3.5.

>     - Archetypes
>         - After we removed JS from checkboxes, they no longer "stick"
>           (really!). Might have to put that back, even though it sucks
>         - There's something strange going on with enabling comments, it
>           only works on the initial view of the page after saving,
>           possibly related


>     - NuPlone theme
>         - Be complete and functional by RCs, tested in IE6 too
>         - Be the default in RCs if the above is the case ;)

See my other post.

>     - Kupu
>         - Make sure the control panel removes stuff that is no longer
>           relevant with the HTML Filtering control panel
>         - Make sure you can't insert images that are bigger than
>           Preview size by default
>         - Include additional default styles (highlight, table
>           variations)

Nobody worked on this to my knowledge.

>     - Wicked
>         - Needs to use createObject?type_name=Document — the way it is
>           set up now, anything spidering the site with credentials will
>           create objects, and any object clicked will create objects
>           (this change will make it invoke portal_factory)

Hasn't happened.

>         - Support both (()) and [[]] syntax by default, so we can
>           remove this preference from the control panel (exclusively
>           using either is still supported behind the scenes, of course
>           — just not in the standard control panel)
>         - Wiki control panel can be removed, only needs wiki syntax
>           on/off switch in the control panel

Hasn't happened and can just as easily be postponed until 3.5, if ever.

>     - Fieldsets
>         - Do we still support fieldsets that require something on
>           fieldset #1 to be filled out before you can access fieldset
>           #4?
>         - Next button shows up in the Save/Cancel area when using the
>           inline fieldsets?
>         - Fieldset code: if more than N (N=6?) fieldsets, turn into
>           pulldown

These need to be fixed still.

>     - Sensible defaults:
>         - Make sure the WFs are sensible and default WF decided

All the unittests still require our old default workflow and nobodu has
the resources to fix that, so we're going to have to stick with our old

>         - Members folder gets created even though it's turned off?

Bug, should be fixed.

>         - Only HTML available as format by default, everything else
>           assumes knowledge of markup
>             - But make sure it supports loading existing documents that
>               are in other formats already
>         - Enable wiki support by default on most types? it's unlikely
>           to trigger accidentally anyway

All behavioural changes very late in the release process, probably 3.5
stuff now.

>         - Both the Navigation and Search control panel does not show
>           the "Friendly types" list, but uses the full list instead,
>           should be fixed (user does not know what a ChangeSet or
>           Relative Path Criterion type is ;)


>         - Remove personal prefs from the global prefs section
>         - Don't install the following by default:
>             - Content Rules

Needs a toggle somewhere.

>         - Can the old-style Add-on products support TITLE.txt to match
>           the new style products' ability to have a "friendly name"?

Behavioural change this very late in the release process, probably 3.5
stuff now.

>         - Preferrably move the Collections (Smart Folder) control panel
>           to a ZMI version, since it is very complex and not something
>           site admins are likely to need

Behavioural change this very late in the release process, probably 3.5
stuff now.

>         - Put back autofocus behaviour now that we have ondomload (make
>           sure tabindex is correct)

Already done I think

>         - Move sendto/print/whatever to bottom of page, use text
>           representation

Needs to happen soon or becomes 3.5 material.

>         - Combine delete confirmation page with integrity checking
>           (having to say yes/no on two separate pages sucks :)

Needs to happen soon or becomes 3.5 material.

>         - Only show the Display/Add/WF pulldowns on the View screen
>             - Possibly remove the border on initial creation forms (ie.
>               keep the actual green border, but remove everything
>               clickable on it, since it causes errors)

Done at the sprint.

>     - Other
>         - Users seem to be listed twice in the control panel

Fixed at the sprint, not merged yet.

>         - "You are adjusting the sharing privileges for a default view, to
>           adjust them for the entire container, go here."

Fixed at the sprint I think, may not be merged yet.

>         - WF history and versioning history should be shown in the same
>           table

Probably too late for 3.0.

>         - We need a way to ping us (image with some info about OS, version
>           etc) when you install Plone — checkbox on install screen

Too late for 3.0

>         - Fix up Table-of-Contents styling
>         - Fix up presentation mode styling

Needs to happen soon or becomes 3.5 material.

>         - Search: "only in this section" checkbox

Needs to happen soon or becomes 3.5 material.
> - Fix in 3.0.x releases
>     - Incremental KSS UI improvements, examples:
>         - Login should be in-place (digg.com for an example)
>         - Adding comments should give you a textfield inline
>         - etc...

3.0.x minor are for bug and security fixes, not feature changes.


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