[Framework-Team] Re: 3.0 bundle broken?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed Nov 22 13:31:45 UTC 2006

> Maybe it would help to make a proper destinction between the
> bundle you are working on for implementing a plip
> (typically the plip branches in plone/at/collective)
> versus the bundle you submit for review.
> Already today we may have both.
> For the one you are working on you then use trunk versions
> of dependencies in order to stay up-to-date. This would
> be the bundle from which to merge in the end.
> The review bundle on the other hand could be "frozen" by
> pointing to explicit revisions that are known to work together.
> That way, we the reviewers could be sure to always be able to
> look at working code at the price of maybe not seeing the
> latest revision (but if there's a dev bundle also we would be
> even free to chose).
> Would that make sense?

+1, though I'd like some kind of script to make that "frozen" bundle
in a predictable way, or people will find it difficult or make errors.


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