[Framework-Team] Re: Some preliminary Plone 3.0 profiling results

Sidnei da Silva sidnei at enfoldsystems.com
Wed Nov 15 14:38:52 UTC 2006

> You mentioned the thread local idea. That might work. I think we should
> also investigate memcached. See Tres's mcdutils package, for example:
> http://agendaless.com/Members/tseaver/software/mcdutils. It's important
> to note that this cache is absolutely request-specific. It must be
> invalidated after every request.

If it needs to be invalidated after every request then the overhead of
using something like memcached cannot be justified. There are ways of
associating request-specific information with a Request object in Zope
2, which will clear the information when the request is finished. Look
for request._hold() example in CMFCore/MemberDataTool.py.

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