[Framework-Team] Re: Some preliminary Plone 3.0 profiling results

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Tue Nov 14 16:14:23 UTC 2006

On Tue, 14 Nov 2006 07:37:19 -0800, Alec Mitchell  
<apm13 at columbia.edu> wrote:

> For this case such a thing is complete overkill, all we need to do is
> rewrite the existing default portlets so that they don't depend on


Again, the portlets is not the thing I'm looking at here — let's use  
Sidnei's change to atct_edit (base_edit?) as a better example that  
illustrates the use case here. The chances of you or a product using the  
override mechanisms for Widgets is miniscule, and if you do, you can opt  
for the old template set for one more release — the punishment being  
reduced performance.

Wouldn't something like this in portal_migrations be nice?

[ ] Include deprecated visual stylings and UI elements where possible
     (Will affect page download times, only enable if you know that)
     (UI elements in add-on products require the old styling.      )

[ ] Include unoptimized templates
     (Might be required in a transition period with some add-ons,)
     (but will affect performance negatively — only enable if you)
     (are sure that it fixes the problem you are experiencing.   )

First one enables the plone_deprecated skin layer (which we are already  
using), the second one enables the plone_unoptimized skin layer.


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