[Framework-Team] Re: Performance — as usual

Alexander Limi limi at plone.org
Mon Nov 13 10:41:48 UTC 2006

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 02:26:41 -0800, Philipp von Weitershausen  
<philipp at weitershausen.de> wrote:

> Alexander Limi wrote:
>> Does anybody know what the state of the Customerize stuff is, and  
>> whether moving most of the default templates to views would help here?
> I still have some changes sitting in my sandbox that I want to commit to  
> make it at least half-way usable. I should find the time to commit them  
> this or next week.
> I don't think I can maintain five.customerize in the long term, which is  
> why I would like to find a maintainer, perhaps from within the Plone  
> community (*hint* *hint*), who would improve the UI, polish it up, make  
> releases, etc. etc. (IOW: the boring stuff) :)

I'm pretty sure we'd be interesting in maintaining it, as we're probably  
the main users of it. Just get us something that looks like it works, and  
I'm sure we'll be falling over each other in improving it. ;)

Put it in the Collective? Another way to make sure it can be easily  
updated and maintained. Just checked, you have the necessary permissions.  


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