[Framework-Team] PLIP wishlists towards 3.0

Vincenzo Di Somma vincenzo at reflab.it
Mon Mar 20 14:49:02 UTC 2006

Hi all,
sorry for the delay...

Here my considerations:

>  #116 -- Large folder UI improvements: make large folders have a search 
> interface, basically.


>  #117 -- Folder contents improvements: sticky ordering, drag-and-drop 
> ordering. See also: http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/101


>  #118 -- Ship PlonePortets: PlonePortlets is in use in production and quite 
> solid. One thing we may want to investigate is whether it could benefit from 
> some Z3-ification after Plone 2.5

+1 but I think that this kind of metacontents will make the migrations a
bit more complicated.

>  #119 -- Contextual help: This is end-user, context sensitive help. I've got 
> some code that does this, based on a custom catalog and AT content, that is 
> fairly complete but needs some polishing. Again, a re-evaluation of this in 
> terms of Z3 concepts would be welcome.

do you have any idea about how much impact on the performance will have
this feature ?

>  #120 -- Tile links: This is related to making larger areas of the UI 
> clickable via some JavaScript magic.


>  #121 -- Asynchronous loading of content views: AJAX to make the content tabs 
> (view, edit, properties, sharing) load asynchronously

What about ajax also for the navtree and discussions ?

>  #122 -- QuickEdit mode: This is in-place editing of AT fields (double click a 
> field in the view, and get an in-pace editing widget). I believe Ben Saller's 
> Bling work makes this quite easy.

I would really like to see  working :)

>  #123 -- Alpha channel PNGs: Use the "IE7" to work around IE bugs so that we 
> can use transparent PNGs for icons.

+0 I can't really say much on this.

>  #124 -- UberSelectionWidget: limi's grand plan for a generalised LiveSearch 
> like widget that can search any large vocabulary, for use both in AT schemata 
> and more generally in Plone.

+ 1 defenitely

>  #125 -- Link integrity (no more 404s): Involves keeping track of e.g. when an 
> image is referenced by a document. The idea is that an on-save handler would 
> go look for objects referenced by the current object and mark them as 
> referenced-by that object. I'm unsure how to generalise that properly, though. 


>  #126 -- Link type improvements: Tweaks to how we do direct-links, open-in-new-
> window and the assumption that links and favourites should be merged.

What do we mean with "links and favourites should be merged" ?
Favourites will be considered links in a "special" folder or something
like that I guess?

>  #127 -- Move the 'properties' tab to the 'edit' tab as a fieldset: This 
> depends on merging the DHTML fieldset switching code so that AT schematas do 
> not suck.


> ** Subscriptions and mail notifications **
> Having notifications when content is edited, commented-on etc. is a fairly 
> common requirement. This is difficult for two reasons: Firstly, each 
> implementation needs to re-invent the mechanism of subscription, which can get 
> complex when you want people to be able to opt in or opt out. If Plone could 
> provide some generic way of handling subscriptions, a pattern for making mail-
> out templates and a simple way of sending such email, that would be very 
> useful. In process, we should enable this for standard comments (toggable via 
> a site setting).
> Secondly, the MailHost API, and especially SecureMailHost, sucks. I think that 
> the Zope 3 mail handler would be usable via Five, and this is worth 
> investigating.

I agree, it is definitely worth investigating.

> ** Selenium and functional testing **
> See: http://plone.org/products/plone/roadmap/100
> With new UI features, it becomes especially important to test things properly. 
> Selenium/PloneSelenium/Zelenium seem to be the most common way of doing TTW 
> integration testing. I think we should investigate how hard it would be to 
> integate such tools into our deveopment cycle properly.

I like Selenium very much and I use it often but I have the impression
that it will take a big amount of effort to maintain functional tests
for a big application like Plone. I'm not saying it will noy be useful,
maybe we could try to include ftests in the development of a couple of
plips and see how it goes.



Vincenzo Di Somma
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