[Framework-Team] Re: PLIP wishlists towards 3.0

Rocky Burt rocky.burt at adaptivewave.com
Mon Mar 13 20:51:38 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-13-03 at 18:13 +0000, Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Agree. That said, PlonePortlets are about more than that - they make portlets 
> into proper content types that can be workflowed, and have permissions for 
> things like who sees them in what contexts. I think some brainstorming with 
> Geir and Helge would be good, but I agree that using Z3 views at the very 
> least would be the way to go here.

A little clarification here.  Viewlets (that I mentioned) are not z3
views.  They're an implementation of the java JCP portlets specification
for z3.  Stephan Richter seems to be a runner for this one.

- Rocky

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