[Framework-Team] 3.0 shouldn't just be about the user facing UI

whit d.w.morriss at gmail.com
Mon Mar 13 17:18:20 UTC 2006

just to piggy back a bit on this:

I think one consideration that needs to be made is how much you guys 
want to start pursuing new style development.  By the time Plone 3 
ships, CMF 2.0 will have full customization of views(the technology is 
not far off as we stand now). 

My personal feeling(somewhat reinforced by what I saw at the symposium) 
is that our ui layer is on a crash course with it's self.  At best, this 
offers an opportunity to rethink how we want to work with UI as 
developers, designers, integrators, etc before stumbling into a system 
shaped by the assumptions of the old one.

to summarize some of my past opinions: 
1.  developers designing UI's for designer to do ui is bad. 
2. designers waiting to learn new ways of doing UI until a "best 
practice" is established prevents them from weighing in on the 
3. systems like mcdonc's z3meld and five views could go a long way to 
clearing up the plone ui mess, but only if they can gain adoption.

no final solutions are needed here, just some thinking about the 
problem.  the archipelago would be a good place for those of you who are 
more technical to discuss this with the more design oriented.


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