[Framework-Team] Re: PLIP wishlists towards 3.0

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Mon Mar 13 16:46:32 UTC 2006

Hi all.

Thx Martin for starting this thread ;)

Before going into details I would like to note some time constraints, as
we agreed on having time and not feature based releases, so we get some
feeling what might be feasible in the time we have:

Plone 2.5
January 2006, feature / proposal freeze
May 2006, expected release date

April 2006, 2.0
July 2006, 2.1

March 2006, 2.9.2
July 2006, 2.10
November 2006, 2.11
May 2007, 2.12

Plone 3.0 (preliminary)
May, proposal freeze
June, feature freeze
September, expected Release

Also it was suggested to have the Plone releases three months after the
Zope releases, which would be February / August, to be able to guarantee
Plone to work with the latest Zope release.

Personally I see two options. Either we stick to an early September
release (only four month after 2.5 is out) and limit it to a mainly
UI-focused release or we extend the development time to a full six month
cycle and also have some major infrastructure work done. The latter
would mean a release in November 2006 with a proposal freeze in July.

Right now my overall feeling is that we actually might want to have an
early 3.0 release which does only minor infrastructure work to give the
existing infrastructure components time to adopt Zope3 techniques. My
two personal favorites are PlonePortlets and CMFEditions. Both are
around for some time and could be integrated immediately, but I think in
the middle to long run it would be best if both would be rebuild /
tweaked to work with Zope3 principles.

So my main radical idea would be to have a mostly UI focused release,
which doesn't break too many add-ons again and makes our marketing
people happy to sell it ;)

In parallel we could drive forward the infrastructure side, actively
contribute something back to Zope and CMF before they hit their next
final versions and have a Plone 3.5 release in early February 2007 with
a proposal / feature freeze in October 2006.

I'm not fully behind this roadmap as this way we would have some rather
large delays until we adopt the next CMF and Zope releases, but I wanted
to lay it out to get you an idea of the possibilities we can decide about ;)


P.S. I'm going to comment on the individual PLIP's once we have a idea
about the release date of Plone 3.0 ;)

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