[Framework-Team] Re: release schedule changes

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Fri Dec 29 22:35:31 UTC 2006

Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> I guess my counter-proposal would be:
>  - January 7th  : final bundles merged
>  - January 21st : first beta release
>  - March 11th   : first release candidate
>  - April 23rd   : release

And here is a problem: I learned this week thatthere is a UI sprint
scheduled for February. I do not want to see any non-small changes in
the beta stage, UI or otherwise. So we can do two things:

1. only pick the small changes that result from that sprint and include
   those. Everything else will be an excellent start for Plone 3.5.

2. postponse 3.0 further. This means that we can't go beta until end of
   February, more likely early march. I don't expect to see any UI work
   fully finished before then.

Talking with limi he appears to be in favour of the second option: he
considers it critical that 3.0 has a very polished modern UI. Personally
I have a slight preference for the first option: we have landed an
awesome amount of changes and can still keep a healthy release schedule.

I am thinking we need to be stricter about the alternating
infrastructure and UI releases in the future: currently we are still
doing both infrastructure and UI in a single release. The infrastructure
changes are landing close to the merging deadlines and the UI is not
being done until after the infrastructure has landed. This means the UI
is being done too late and jeopardizes the release schedule.


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