[Framework-Team] Re: Login redirect in 3.0?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed Dec 27 16:20:48 UTC 2006

Andreas Zeidler wrote:
> On Dec 27, 2006, at 4:49 PM, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Alexander Limi wrote:
>>> Yup, /@@login wouldn't be any easier to remember than /login_form - 
>>> so either /login or /admin. I'm partial to the latter, since it makes 
>>> sense in more languages (most western languages have the word "admin" 
>>> or "administrator", whereas login is pretty English-specific).
>> -1 to 'admin'; it implies that logging in is an administrator-only 
>> function, which isn't necessarily true in all use cases (e.g. on 
>> plone.org).
>> +1 to 'login' - it's a common enough word that most people would know 
>> it, and if you have other needs, well, it's one line of ZCML if we do 
>> it with a view to make a different name.
> how about making it some sort of special case for plone.app.redirector, 
> i.e. redirecting to /login_form not only from /login, but also from 
> potential translations or things like /admin etc?

The redirector would have the same problem as a view on IPloneSiteRoot, 
because it translates from a specific/absolute path to another 
specific/absolute path (relative to Zope root, not relative to the URL 
or VHM environment, in other words).

Note, plone.app.redirector does not have a UI like RedirectionTool does 
for adding specific redirects, but adding the necessary forms would be 
fairly trivial (it'd just need to talk to the IRedirectionStorage local 
utility, which already has the necessary methods to query existing 
redirects and remove or update them).


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