[Framework-Team] Re: PLIP125 (link integrity) part II - redirect-on-move ready for merge

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Dec 24 23:56:29 UTC 2006

Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> 404 being slow has two problems: it is slow, and it is uncached which
> makes it extra painful. Making it slower could be disastrous.

It's merged now, but it's trivial to make changes to 
default_error_page.pt as we see fit.

So - the changes are as follows:

  - Nothing different if error type is not NotFound (404)

  1. An attempted redirect if the path storage has something. This 
basically means some string manipulation to decide which path was 
"intended", and a BTree lookup to determine if there's something for 
this path. If found, a 301 redirect is performed.

  2. Otherwise, we look "up" the intended path and use traversal from 
the portal root to check for an object that matches; this basically 
covers the case when you wrote http://site.com/some/path/veiw or 
http://site.com/some/psth (typo near the end of the URL) - it'll suggest 
(in a listing) /some/path or /some in this case.

  3. Also, we look at the end of the URL (last part after a slash) and 
perform a catalog search for SearchableText=id. If that returns nothing, 
we try again, with the second-to-last part of the URL, and so on until 
we find something or the portal root. We don't try to do searches for 
common method aliases or special things like 'index_html'.

Note - I've just replicated the logic that RedirectionTool was doing in 
the same template. If plone.org suffers with RedirectionTool, it'd 
suffer with this and vice-a-versa.

So basically, if we have a redirect (automatically constructed when 
things are moved or renamed) then the template is possibly even a bit 
faster than before. This is the real "link integrity" use case, I guess.

The "helpful suggestions part (one or more traversals + one or more 
catalog queries, of which the top 10 are returned) is the one that slows 
things down. I see a few options:

  - Remove it entirely

  - Delegate it to some other template ("click here to see 
suggestions"); not ideal UI but gives us back the speed.

  - Let people remove as necessary by customising the template

  - Make it optional depending on some control panel setting



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