[Framework-Team] kss merge

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Mon Dec 18 16:22:01 UTC 2006

I'm +1 on merging once the migration code is in place


Previously Balazs Ree wrote:
> After a (bit too) long work, with a lot of help from several developers, we
> are finally at the point where we can merge kss to the trunk.
> I write some details about the status, in case anyone is interested to
> look at it.
> Thank you for all your help and comments.
> Status of the kss merge
> =======================
> Branches are
> https://svn.plone.org/svn/plone/review/kss-merge and
> https://svn.plone.org/svn/plone/review/kss-merge-lib .
> The templates and install are fully merged. We have reviewed 
> the results with Martin Aspeli, and fixed a few important issues
> during the weekend with David Convent and Jeroen Vloothuis. 
> I suggest that the remaining issues are fixed after the merge, 
> although they have to be solved soon.
> I am ready to merge any time.
> 1. Functionality issues
> -----------------------
> 1.1 We needed to comment out the javascript include from
> Archetypes/skins/archetypes/widgets/addable_support.pt. This
> affects the addability support in the reference and inandout
> widgets. The current code defines a per-widget-instance
> javascript (whereas in AT only per-widget-type javascript is
> allowed).  This does not work well of course with reloading.
> Following our strategy with similar cases, the javascript
> (that is generated via dtml) must be transformed to clean
> javascript (no dtml) and hooked to kss (like we did with the
> content menus). The current solution must be held as legacy
> code for fallback if kss is not working. More information is
> available.
> 1.2 GS and migration. The install is done if a new portal is
> installed, but I did not modify the export steps of GS, nor
> did I hook in anything into the migration process. This is
> needed.
> 1.3 On the edit page when it is loaded dynamically, the 
> fieldset tabs are not set up properly. No wonder since that
> is new functionality that we yet have to kss-ize. (Both
> its initialization and its functioning.)
> 2. Test issues
> --------------
> It means it "works" but the test does not work.
> Failing tests:
> - kss.core:      0
> - kss.demo:      0
> - plone.app.kss  3
> - archetypes.kss 1
> and in Products.CMFPlone, Products.Archetypes, there are failing tests
> but the output is identical without kss. So there is no reason to
> believe that they are kss related failures.
> Specific issues:
> 2.1 archetypes.kss: Tests that fail because of the event handling.
>     (need to be fixed.) 
> 2.2 There is another one in plone.app.kss, 
> 	when the test view is declared but it's not picked up. 
> 	(Needs to be fixed too.)
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> Balazs Ree
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