[Framework-Team] LinkIntegrity merge

Wichert Akkerman wichert at wiggy.net
Wed Dec 13 14:08:42 UTC 2006

Previously Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I think LinkIntegrity is nearly ready for merging. Before doing so, I 
> have a few caveats, and I'd like to have someone else take a look over 
> the code.
> Good points:
>  1) It works
>  2) It requires very little integration; a marker placed on the request 
> in folder_delete.cpy (to avoid an annoying re-run confirmation), and a 
> triggering of a monkey patch (see below)
>  3) It's very ubiquitous - it will work almost anywhere that objects 
> are deleted in the Plone UI
>  4) It's very well documented and commented
>  5) It's very well tested (see doctests in docts/)
> Worrying points:
>  1) It's very pervasive :) For example, you'll get delete confirmation 
> (in Plone) if you try to delete an object in the ZMI. I'm not entirely 
> sure, but I think you may even if the delete is happening from a script. 
> Whether this is good or bad will probably depend on the use case. I 
> believe it's possible to bypass confirmation by putting the appropriate 
> marker in the request (all managed via a well-defined adapter), but it's 
> more of an opt-out than an opt-in
>  2) It does monkey patch the publisher (in a pretty sane way). Note 
> that this patch would go away if FiveException was merged into Zope 2, 
> which is not completely unlikely, especially if we push for it.
>  3) It monkey patches parts of the test framework to work around bugs 
> there, but these could be fixed.
> My recommendation:
>  (*) We merge, provided:
>   a) We merge the one template override (folder_delete.cpy) into 
> CMFPlone, which should be harmless
>   b) We make an on/off switch to turn off the behaviour globally (Andi 
> is working on this)
>   c) We make it into plone.app.linkintegrity rather than 
> Products/LinkIntegrity (trivial)
> The code is here: http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/LinkIntegrity/trunk/
> Just install in a Plone 3 instance using quickinstaller, and you can 
> test it. Add some documents, make some links in HTML between various 
> documents, and try do delete a document that's referenced from another.
> Tests and use cases also here: 
> http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/LinkIntegrity/trunk/docs
> Note that there is a kind of "Plan B" - we keep the link parsing and 
> reference building, but lose the pervasive checks that handle all kinds 
> of deletes; instead, we build warnings into Plone's existing 
> delete_confirm pages. This is obviously less strong and requires a more 
> direct dependency in CMFPlone.
> Given the amount of work (and tests!) that have gone into LinkIntegrity 
> to date, and the fact that it does seem to work so well in the UI, I'd 
> say we should keep the deeper integration as it is now, but I want to 
> make sure people are aware of the options and implications.
> What do you think? We can have this ready for merge by the end of the 
> year if we get the +1.

+1 definitely


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