[Framework-Team] Re: plone.app.locking

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Mon Dec 11 12:58:09 UTC 2006

Hi Balazs,

I think we're fine for now - the main thing we will need is some kind
of KSS event corresponding to onFormUnload, so that we can release
locks if a user clicks away from a page without saving or cancelling.

Speaking of which, how is the KSS merge work going? What remains? What
help do you need?


On 12/11/06, Balazs Ree <ree at ree.hu> wrote:
> Sun, 10 Dec 2006 12:39:18 -0800 keltezéssel Alec Mitchell azt írta:
> >> >> To get the UI to work, I want to provide a couple of viewlets that (a)
> >> >> trigger the auto-lock when base_edit is found (b) remove the auto-lock
> >> >> when the base_edit form is unloaded (probably in JS) and
> >> >
> >> > That's exactly what Jeff and I did and why it's broken ATM
> >> > (I think at least; doing AJAX on top of Zope 2 versus Zope 3's
> >> > templating engine seem to be incompatible). :-(
> >> > (Please, please prove me wrong ...)
> >>
> >> I can't see any viewlet related code anywhere. Note that viewlets work
> >> fine (we use them in other places) so I don't know why this would be a
> >> problem.
> >>
> >> I'm not quite sure what the KSS dependency may be. It would be nice if
> >> stealing a lock didn't mean reloading the page, and there may be other
> >> things I'm not thinking about, but I don't think there's anything that
> >> couldn't be fixed up later. I'm probably missing something, though.
> >
> > KSS functionality is really trivial to add after the fact, it
> > shouldn't ever considered a blocker for anything, IMO.
> I also don't think there is any incompatibility around v2 vs v3
> pagetemplates, as far as KSS is involved. I don't beleive ajax adds any
> incompatibility to the current situation.
> Currently we have server code for replacing a region on the page with the
> result of a portlet. I am planning to make support for replacing part of
> the screen with a rendered viewlet, but from practical reasons I can only
> do that after the viewlets are already working.
> So Raphael, I think it would work fine, you may want to contact me and
> give me more details, in case you would like to use viewlets.
> --
> Balazs Ree
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