[Framework-Team] Re: release schedule changes

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Dec 10 20:24:09 UTC 2006

Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
>>   - Content rules engine - I refuse to let this go. Markus and I did a 
>> lot of work on this, and it's mostly ready (I plan to write a few more 
>> actions/conditions to make it more generally useful in the next couple 
>> of weeks, but the framework is the non-trivial part). It was never 
>> reviewed, even though the bundle was in on time. I gave my own notes 
>> on the state of the code and the design months ago.
> is there any ui on this thats useable?

Yes. Go to /@@manage-content-rules on any folder or the site root. It's 
a bit basic, but it works and it's complete (i.e. it supports all the 
operations we need) as far as I know/recall.

Note - if you want to check out the bundle, I'd just start with current 
3.0 bundle and then add the plone.contentrules and 
plone.app.contentrules eggs to your installation. Put a ZCML slug for 
plone.app.contentrules in etc/package-includes and go to 
/@@manage-content-rules manually.

The only integration work I foresee is to add the eggs to the bundles, 
make CMFPlone/configure.zcml <include package="plone.app.contentrules" 
/> and finally add a link to @@manage-content-rules e.g. in the actions 
drop-down menu.

>>   - iterate - This is important. I grabbed hold of the locking bundle 
>> this weekend to try and move things forward. I don't know who owns the 
>> iterate side of things, though. I imagine getting it merge ready is 
>> not very much work, but it needs someone to actually do it!
> i'll own it, but to do so i need the schedule with the merges by the 7th 
> as i'm busy over the holidays.

Thanks Kapil!

+1 :)


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