[Framework-Team] Re: release schedule changes

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Sun Dec 10 18:11:55 UTC 2006

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> It's pretty obvious that we've slipped behind schedule somewhat. This
> was the original schedule:
>> - August 28: proposal freeze, review bundles ready for review
>> - September 25: framework team finished reviewing bundles
>> - October 8: final verdict for all bundles
>> - November 30: first beta release
>> - January 22: first release candidate
>> - March 12: release
> I'm thinking of updating this to:
> - December 22: final bundle merges

This is the only date that worries me (it's not very long from now). In 
particular, people tend to have family commitments over Christmas. I 
would prefer a date in early January for that reason.

Here's what's outstanding on my radar:

  - KSS - Balazs is doing a lot of merge work these days in svn. This 
needs to go in last month! :)

  - Wicked - Whit claims we're almost done here
  - Markup support - Tom promises to finish by the end of the year

  - Link integrity - I asked Andi about the latest status, but havent' 
got a reply yet. I think it's pretty close. I've also got a Plan B (less 
ubiquitous support, but simplified (and no monkey patches), by putting 
the logic exclusively in Plone's delete_confirm UI) if the more 
pervasive support (based on before-delete exceptions) isn't ready. I can 
merge this.

  - Next/previous navigation - I can merge this over Christmas. The guys 
had promised me to fix up their tests, otherwise it's finished.

  - Content rules engine - I refuse to let this go. Markus and I did a 
lot of work on this, and it's mostly ready (I plan to write a few more 
actions/conditions to make it more generally useful in the next couple 
of weeks, but the framework is the non-trivial part). It was never 
reviewed, even though the bundle was in on time. I gave my own notes on 
the state of the code and the design months ago.

If no-one is interested in looking at it, I'm happy to merge it myself 
(the merge is trivial, it's very standalone), but obviously this needs a 

  - iterate - This is important. I grabbed hold of the locking bundle 
this weekend to try and move things forward. I don't know who owns the 
iterate side of things, though. I imagine getting it merge ready is not 
very much work, but it needs someone to actually do it!

  - workflows - Vincenzo & co have been working on this, and I believe 
they have the new workflows defined. There is some UI work on the 
control panel + sharing tab left to do, and they need to write some 
functional tests. This needs a final kick - imho it's one of the most 
embarrassing things about Plone at the moment that our out of the box 
security/workflow story is so one-sided, and this should be trivial.

> - January 7: first beta release
> - February 18: first release candidate

I have a feeling we need a somewhat longer beta period because (a) the 
KSS merge delay has meant various UI features (portlets, contentrules, 
locking come to mind) have been left quite rough, causing a UI 
bottleneck. I'm also keen that we don't wait too long, though.

> - April 9: release

I guess my counter-proposal would be:

  - January 7th  : final bundles merged
  - January 21st : first beta release
  - March 11th   : first release candidate
  - April 23rd   : release

That is effectively a 2 week slip against your schedule allowing for 
Christmas, and making the beta period a bit longer at the expense of the 
  release candidate period.



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