[Framework-Team] Re: Can I merge plone.memoize and plone.app.layout?

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Mon Dec 4 18:32:51 UTC 2006

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> So right now one easy way of getting some more performance is to turn
>> the remaining old-style portlets into new-style ones.
> This will happen, it's mostly just manual work. The only hard one
> remaining is the calendar one, plus I want to make some new portlets
> altogether, like a Document renderer and a Smart Folder renderer.
> The only annoying one left of the old ones is the Calendar portlet.

I started to work on that one this morning on my train ride, as I
already have a quite intimate relationship to that code ;)


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