[Framework-Team] Re: Can I merge plone.memoize and plone.app.layout?

Hanno Schlichting plone at hannosch.info
Mon Dec 4 17:58:05 UTC 2006

Florian Schulze wrote:
> Hi!
> I did no benchmarks yet, but it feels quite a bit faster now. Did anyone
> do some before after comparisons?

Yep, I did some very basic benchmarks (ab, ZopeProfiler, PTProfiler).
For the front-page for an anonymous user the rough numbers were:

Plone 2.5 trunk -> 5 requests/sec
Plone 3.0 some days ago -> 3.5 requests/sec
Plone 3.0 right now -> 4.0 requests/sec

Plone 3.0 without old-style portlets -> 6.0 requests/sec

And as a reference:

Zope 2.10 front-page -> 180 requests/sec ;)

So right now one easy way of getting some more performance is to turn
the remaining old-style portlets into new-style ones.

The plone.app.globals approach should allow us to optimize the
performance in some more places, so I think we are starting to see the
blessings of using Zope3 on the performance side as well ;)


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