[Framework-Team] Re: Re: Zope 3 widgets in Plone [was: Re: 3.0-alpha1 is out.. and now]

Rocky Burt rocky at serverzen.com
Fri Dec 1 16:59:42 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-01-12 at 14:50 -0200, Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> On 12/1/06, Rocky Burt <rocky at serverzen.com> wrote:
> > > Well, I'm going the other way around. I've wrote an adapter for AT
> > > Widgets so that they implement IWidget. A secondary goal of mine was
> > > to write an adapter to AT Fields to implement IField. And then we
> > > could use AT stuff unmodified with formlib. With not too much effort I
> > > still believe that's doable.
> >
> > I was avoiding that direction on purpose.  Building widgets in a nice
> > clean zope3 way and then writing an archetypes compatiblity layer would
> > help BBB.  Building widgets in AT style and providing a formlib
> > compatiblity layer means people will continue writing archetypes
> > widgets :(
> I'm sorry but I disagree. We would have to stop and put a big amount
> of effort up to getting all the widgets ported to Z3. We can't afford
> that time and effort. If we do bridge the AT Widgets to Z3 we can
> start using formlib right away. And then we can re-write the widgets,
> one at a time, correctly and avoiding previous mistakes *and* keeping
> backward compatibility with existing tools (AGX) and documentation
> (including books). If we just rush ahead and try to do it all at once
> we risk ending up with a similar mess to what we have today, only with
> a nicer name.

I disagree and I'm not even sorry!  :)

I have an up-until-now silent use case I want to be fulfilled, I want to
use magnificent (functionality-wise) Archetypes widgets in my pure zope
3 applications (zope3.2, whatever).

But besides that, I still think the Plone add-on community should start
building formlib based widgets and not Archetypes widgets.  Your method
continues to facilitate writing Archetypes widgets.  But this starts
coming down simply to differing opinions.

- Rocky

ps. Please don't take this as me trying to kill Archetypes as I'm not
trying to do that.  I just strongly agree with the zope3 approach to
widget design and thing Archetypes should start following this as well.

Rocky Burt
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