[Framework-Team] 3.0-alpha1 is out.. and now

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Fri Dec 1 10:12:02 UTC 2006

On 12/1/06, Wichert Akkerman <wichert at wiggy.net> wrote:
> Is everyone on vacation? I was hoping for some response :)

I was on vacation (and then ill); back now though. ;)

December is a busy month, but I should have some time. I took a look
at the next/previous bundle last night and helped the guys along a
bit. I think it's merge-ready as soon as the tests are fixed up again,
which I'm hoping Henri, Souheil and Pelle will be able to do.

One thing about this bundle - I needed a viewlet manager, and called
it plone.belowcontent. I think we need to co-ordinate this a bit (or
move things around eventually) so that we get a good set of viewlet
managers we can use; we may also want to think about things like
orderability of viewlet managers.

Of my other work: I've not reviewed the contextual help bundle, but I
know it's not ready, and David has just got some very good personal
news that means he's not got any time for a while. I recommend we hold
on this one.

I know Whit is working on Wicked (lots of checkins) and that he wants
to generalise a bit in AT to make it less hacky. He seems confident
it's progressing well.

I haven't heard from Andi re link integrity for a while. I'll try to
get hold of him.

Portlets are basically working; UI needs AJAX refresh, and the last
few portlets need to be converted. We also need a massive spate of
deprecation over old templates and views and PloneTool code. I've held
off on that for now.

The contentrules PLIP was never reviewed, but it's in pretty good
shape. Markus and I need to find some time to get together and write a
couple of more conditions and actions to make it more useful, but the
infrastructure is quite stable.

I've also been in touch with Balazs and Godefroid. As you may have
seen in Balazs' blog post, they're renaming things to be proper Python
packages; plone.app.kss, archetypes.kss etc. He said they were making
pretty good progress, so I hope that'll be ready for merge soon.

Oh, and Vincenzo is working on the workflow stuff. No update from him
for a week or two (*hint*) :)

A few general things that are causing me some headaches:

 - I need a Z3 selection widget; somethin that does the job of
ATReferenceBrowserWidget; this is needed in various portlets +
contentrules actions to pick target folders and whatnot.

 - I'd like kupu in a Z3 widget

 - I need drag-and-drop support for the portlets and contentrules UI's


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