[Framework-Team] CacheFu in Plone 3.0

Geoff Davis geoff at geoffdavis.net
Wed Aug 30 17:29:02 UTC 2006

Hi guys--

I know this is not really your responsibility, but I wanted to give you
a heads-up about it.  I have landed a couple of proposals that involve
me doing non-Plone work for the next 6-8 months.  The schedule is pretty
tight, too.  So I won't be able to work on CacheFu at all.  

CacheFu almost certainly needs a bit of work to play nicely with CMF 2+.
It may also need some checks to see if the various patches break with
Zope 2.9/10.  

If somebody got ambitious, it would be awesome to wire up container
events to purge some stuff in squid so we could have, say, container
views purged whenever a contained object changed.  But that will
probably have to wait until Plone 3.5.

I'm happy to answer questions and look over shoulders, but that's about
all I can commit to now.

Any ideas for who could take a look at CacheFu for 3.0?


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