[Framework-Team] plip 125: extension for the second part?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Thu Aug 31 07:35:29 UTC 2006

Andreas Zeidler wrote:

> actually i was gonna write this mail yesterday, but a rather urgent 
> report kept me up too late.  anyway, i know the deadline for the review 
> bundles has passed, but i wanted to ask if there was a chance i could 
> get an extension to try to tackle the second use case of plip 125, 
> handling moved or renamed items and actually preventing 404s?  thanks to 
> whit's topp.rose products most of what's needed is already there, "only" 
> the integration into plone is lacking.  unfortunately i won't have too 
> much time to work on it until the 11th, from which the dzug sprint in 
> st. augustin will give me at least three, possibly five full days to 
> work on it.

I've taken charge of this PLIP, and I don't really see a problem with 
that. The work you've already done is valuable in its own right and 
demonstrates a commitment (not had time to look at it in depth). As you 
said, the topp.rose stuff is largely separate.

There's plenty of other stuff for us to do. I'll bear your deadline in 
mind and be in touch shortly - but we'll probably just start with a few 
others anyway.

Thanks for all your hard work!


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