[Framework-Team] plip 125: extension for the second part?

Andreas Zeidler az at zitc.de
Thu Aug 31 00:57:35 UTC 2006

dear framework team,

actually i was gonna write this mail yesterday, but a rather urgent  
report kept me up too late.  anyway, i know the deadline for the  
review bundles has passed, but i wanted to ask if there was a chance  
i could get an extension to try to tackle the second use case of plip  
125, handling moved or renamed items and actually preventing 404s?   
thanks to whit's topp.rose products most of what's needed is already  
there, "only" the integration into plone is lacking.  unfortunately i  
won't have too much time to work on it until the 11th, from which the  
dzug sprint in st. augustin will give me at least three, possibly  
five full days to work on it.

so i was wondering if it would be okay to try to complete the plip at  
that late point, even though i'm aware the reviews will start before  
then?  the other aspect of plip 125, handling the removal of items  
referred to by others, is already done (except for an in-depth  
explanation why it's done like this), which would make it entirely  
possible to start reviewing the bundle.  also, the two use cases are  
really kinda separate, so i don't think integrating topp.rose will  
affect much of the already existing code (thereby invalidating the  
review).  so maybe you can make an exception and not make me sit  
around with nothing to do at the sprint? ;)


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