[Framework-Team] Now what do we do?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Wed Aug 30 15:21:54 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

I took a look at the PLIPs still remaining. I put some preliminary
names to some of PLIPs, purely along the lines that I thought people
may be interested in. All the ones with "?" in front of them are just
suggestions - the other ones are the ones Wiggy, Raphael and I said we
were interested in grabbing.

Feel free to disregard this completely, I just thought it'd be useful
to see what *hadn't* been taken and how we may want to group related
things together

? PLIP 8 - Versioning
? PLIP 145 - Locking
? PLIP 168 - integrate iterate for checkin/checkout/staging

I think it'd be useful if these three were taken together - they
overlap on CMFEditions (8 and 168) and WebDAV locks (145 and 168).
I've heard rumours PSOL just put iterate into production. Also, these
are tough use cases, which seems to be Tesdal's speciality :)

? PLIP 142 - Componentise the global content menu
? PLIP 173 - OpenID support

This from memory that Hanno knows the insides of PAS, if not, perhaps
Tesdal would be better suited, but then he may have quite a lot on his

PLIP 48 - Use session instead of cookie plugin to store PAS authentication
? PLIP 179 - Improved commenting infrastructure

? PLIP 127 - Move properties to Edit screen using pre-loaded fieldsets
? PLIP 174 - More configurable and reusable i18n features

Vincenzo also promised to do some of the workflow work... someone else
may have to take charge of the review that, but I'm guessing this'll
be fairly easy to do

? PLIP 157 - Content rules engine
? PLIP 118 - Porlets engine basd on PlonePortlets and Viewlets

These are heavily Zope 3 based, and I know Rocky has an enthusiasm for
viewlets :-)

PLIP 112 - XML Import / Export
PLIP 148 - Move to CMF 2.1
PLIP 172 - Wiki syntax support for all content
PLIP 119 - Contextual help portlet (with Martin)

 PLIP 171 - KSS / Azax to Plone
 PLIP 121 - Asynchronous loading of content views
 PLIP 122 - Edit-in-place mode for all basic field types

 PLIP 125 - Ensuring link/reference integrity (removing 404 links)
 PLIP 144 - Generalized Next / Previous navigation

As before - we all have to review all the bundles to some extent, this
is only about having someone in charge of each bundle, who can solicit
explanations from the bundle authors and the wider community and help
focus discussion.

What do you think?


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