[Framework-Team] Re: Now what do we do?

Daniel Nouri daniel.nouri at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 09:48:12 UTC 2006

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> ...
>     PLIP 179 - Improved commenting infrastructure
>     There are three plips (120, 124 and 149) which have a CMFPlone but no
>     bundle so I'm ignoring those.
> I think the markup (149) support basically works and is fairly low-risk,
> but it's also primarily an AT proposal (it's just about making the list
> of content types you can select in a TextAreaWidget or RichWidget looked
> up in a utility registry). It may be one for Nouri to look after rather
> than us.

149 sounds okay to me.  A bundle should be made anyway, since it
involves changes in Archetypes, ATCT, PortalTransforms,
MimetypesRegistry and potentially CMFPlone.


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