[Framework-Team] Now what do we do?

Martin Aspeli optilude at gmx.net
Tue Aug 29 15:54:21 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

Man, there is some great stuff in here!

PLIP 8 - Versioning
> PLIP 48 - Use session instead of cookie plugin to store PAS authentication
> PLIP 112 - XML Import / Export
> PLIp 118 - Porlets engine basd on PlonePortlets and Viewlets

This is mine, so I guess someone else should review. I will be working on
this in the coming weeks as well. Very happy to explain the architecture in
more detail, of course.

PLIP 119 - Contextual help portlet

This is based on PloneContextHelp, which I originally wrote, but is a
rewrite/modernisation. I've worked with David quite closely on this. That
may make me biased, or it may put me in a good position to review.

Happy to take it, though, if people don't think it's a bad idea.

PLIP 121 - Asynchronous loading of content views
> PLIP 122 - Edit-in-place mode for all basic field types

These are the Bling bundles - see below.

PLIP 125 - Ensuring link/reference integrity (removing 404 links)

I've had some chats with Andi on this, before. I'd quite like to review it.

PLIP 127 - Move properties to Edit screen using pre-loaded fieldsets
> PLIP 142 - Componentise the global content menu

Mine, mostly done.

PLIP 144 - Generalized Next / Previous navigation

I worked with Souheil, Henri and Pelle in Norway on the design for this.
Again, quite happy to review and feed stuff back to them.

PLIP 145 - Locking
> PLIP 148 - Move to CMF 2.1

PLIP 157 - Content rules engine

Markus and I did this for this SoC project, probably best if someone else
reviews. I do plan to be touching this up over the coming weeks, though.

PLIP 171 - KSS / Azax to Plone

I'd quite like to be the point person on the Bling vs. KSS debate. I've
invested quite a lot of time understanding both sets of technologies
already, and gearing up to try and put them side-by-side for comparison. I
think we need to kick this off quite soon because (a) it has dependencies
and (b) it's possibly a long debate (though I hope not).

Note - I haven't made up my mind which of the two approaches I prefer, or
how/whether they could be combined. If you agree that I can take this, I'd
like to get started on reviewing them in earnest.

PLIP 172 - Wiki syntax support for all content
> PLIP 173 - OpenID support
> PLIP 174 - More configurable and reusable i18n features
> PLIP 168 - integrate iterate for checkin/checkout/staging

I think this depends on CMFEditions, so it may make sense for PLIP8 and
PLIP168 to be reviewed together.

PLIP 179 - Improved commenting infrastructure
> There are three plips (120, 124 and 149) which have a CMFPlone but no
> bundle so I'm ignoring those.

I think the markup (149) support basically works and is fairly low-risk, but
it's also primarily an AT proposal (it's just about making the list of
content types you can select in a TextAreaWidget or RichWidget looked up in
a utility registry). It may be one for Nouri to look after rather than us.

PLIP 120 (tile links) is very vague. I think it's mostly just template

PLIP124 (uber-selection-widget) is a Limi pet, and is possibly just
something that will be produced by an AJAX framework. It's not really
"reviewable" as such, but if something else needs this kind of widget and it

121, 121 (both Bling) and 171 should be probably reviewed by the same
> person and will warrant a lot of discussions - that's the bling vs
> azax/kss decision.

As above - I'd like to co-ordinate this. I think we'll need people to take
the time to review the approaches here and weigh in with their experience.
>From the discussions we had in Norway, this is not an easy thing to decide,
if only because people tend to be coming at it form different perspectives.
If you agree, I'll do my best to summarise the two on equal terms so that we
can discuss from there.

So - I'm proposing to take:

PLIP 119 - Contextual help portlet
PLIP 125 - Ensuring link/reference integrity (removing 404 links)
PLIP 144 - Generalized Next / Previous navigation

(all of which I'm familiar with already to a certain extent) and then try to
keep the KSS vs. Bling debate going in constructive direction.

People happy with that?

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